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Massage and Chiropractic: The Perfect Team

Massage Therapy and Chiropractic share a common goal:

To treat the whole person rather than the symptoms.

Whether you suffer from sciatic pain, neck/back pain, pinched nerves, chronic migraines/headaches, sore tense muscles, etc……

Receiving regular weekly massage in conjunction with your regular chiropractic adjustments will allow you a faster and more complete recovery from the pain or injury you are being treated for.

This is why: The muscles and tendons that surround your joints can become extremely tense and painful, thus causing the vertebrae in your spine to slip out of alignment, called a subluxation. Massage Therapy can release that tension allowing a more easy chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment will last longer too, because muscle tension has been released and joints are less likely to pull themselves out of alignment.

In conclusion, these two holistic approaches allow you a faster and more complete recovery than just using one alone.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

Whether you are a Chiropractic patient and have never tried Massage Therapy, or a Massage Therapy patient who has never tried Chiropractic, I encourage you to do so! Feel the difference what this “perfect team” of Massage Therapy and Chiropractic can do for you!

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